A social workspace for English Language Learning online

What do we know about Language Learning?

Since 2001, science has taken everything mankind knows about language learning and created detailed knowledge maps filled with all the learning objectives you need to master a language, connecting all the points and including all the skills that you need to bring together.

So it's easy to learn languages these days, isn't it?

But the big publishing companies have used these "smart maps" (at Linguathon we've always called it "The Matrix") to sell canned courses which make you study for a test, and which bore you to death with endless and arbitrary sequences of classroom drills.

We say and do something quite different

From each according to their abilities and who they are, to each according to their needs, their work and study, their likes and their aims in life.

Start learning much more English right now

Make your own path through the Matrix. You're the ones that've got to learn. We've got your back.

How does it work?

  • Immersion in exciting content that has to do with your work, with your interests, with what you need.
  • 60 minutes a week in two or three live sessions with a tutor that know where you're coming from and where you're headed
  • Daily activities online to practice and plan for your sessions
  • Online coaching as needed every day to keep you up to speed
  • Continuous evaluation to guarantee that progress is really being made, and to identify achievements as well as what needs to be worked on

Affordable pricing

  • Individual plan: US $25/week (cancel any time!)
  • You and a friend: US $15/week each (cancel any time!)
  • Three friends learning together US $12.50/week each (cancel any time!)
  • Four friends: US $10/week each (cancel any time!)
  • Make your own groups or join ours. Click here to sign up and reserve your free evaluation class without any obligation.