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English Learning: On course!

Just dive into the content pool

Start learning more English right now by immersing yourself in actual English content, whether it's a song, a video, or a real phone conversation, today's news or reading and listening to a short story.

English Learning: On track!

See where you are

Continuous evaluation automatically captures your strong and weak points as you go. Then, browse next steps on your own, or accept suggestions made just for you.

English Learning: On time!

Schedule, practice, meet your goals!

Schedule live practice sessions with your affinity groups. With a native English teacher who'll know exactly what you need to work on. Or participate in groups you find online right now.
Immersion into real content. Go with the natural flow without worrying about mistakes! Then iron out difficulties with the special activities provided, whether in pronunciation, sentence structure or usage patterns.
Every now and then, feel free to hit the pause button, and take the time to find out what you have actually achieved. Where are you making progress? What do you need to work on most? What are your best next steps?. Pick up on suggestions, or get coaching help when you need it.
Finding words more easily and acquiring real fluency. Together with others. Whether it's with groups of people you know well, or groups working with a fascinating topics or a song you love, here's where it all comes together.